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PLoS ONE – the momentum is building

Right now there’s a warm fuzzy feeling in the PLoS ONE project team, with just a touch of excited anticipation. We’ve been open for business and accepting manuscripts since August 4th that’s less than 3 weeks ago. Already we’ve had nearly 70 submissions – that’s far more papers coming in faster than we’ve ever experienced on any other title in the PLoS family.


So why are these folks beating a path to our door? Nobody sums it up better than the author of the first paper accepted for PLoS ONE, Andrej Romanovsky of St. Joseph's Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona, USA. He said today "A traditional publisher uses complex rules to determine who, when, how, and at what price will be allowed to see your results. You can continue supporting this system … or you can submit your next paper to PLoS."


The manuscript supply chain is fed in two ways: the majority of papers are still flowing from editorial recommendations to PLoS authors but as Lindsay King, the PLoS ONE publications assistant based in Cambridge, UK, just told me, the number of direct submissions is exponentially rising. We are delighted with this response from the community.


With things heating up, where is our illustrious Managing Editor? He is taking a well-earned vacation, which is why I am writing this blog. But he still makes his presence felt, even in absentia, through his quotes in an article on peer review that appear in the September issue of Wired. Any article that starts with the line "Getting published in the illustrious British scientific journal Nature is, frankly, a bitch." is bound to go over well at PLoS.


Keep sending us your work – we want it all.

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