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Nigersaurus – the Media response

Last week’s PLoS ONE article Structural Extremes in a Cretaceous Dinosaur has received a huge and positive response by the news media and bloggers. The story was featured on the radio, on NPR’s Morning Edition (‘Mesozoic Cow’ Rises from the Sahara Desert) and on television, on ABC’s Good Morning America.

As of this writing, Google has registered 583 news reports and 1,855 blog posts about Nigersaurus (only three of which, unfortunately, were trackbacked to the article itself). Under the fold is a choice collection of links to some of the most interesting reports and blog posts, but this should not stop you from adding your ratings, discussions and annotations to the article itself.


New York Times: A Dinosaur That Grazed Like a Cow
Chicago Tribune: U. of C. scientist unveils skeleton of plant-eating dinosaur
LA Times: ‘Cows of the Mesozoic’ era discovered
Reuters: Weird dinosaur was ‘cow of the Mesozoic’: report
The Associated Press: Dinosaur Found With Vacuum-Cleaner Mouth
Pravda: Scientists discover dinosaur with vacuum cleaner-shaped mouth
TIME: Hoover-Mouthed Dino Discovered
Boston Globe: Herbivore dinosaur grazed like a cow
BBC: New type of dinosaur is unveiled
The Times: Big munch of the 30ft living lawnmower
Houston Chronicle: Long necks didn’t all reach for the trees
Raleigh News & Observer: Dinosaur had mouth like a vacuum cleaner
Kalamazoo Gazette: Dinosaur hunter has deep roots in Kalamazoo Dinosaurus bizarrus
EurekAlert: Dinosaur from Sahara ate like a ‘mesozoic cow’
ScienceDaily: Dinosaur From Sahara Ate Like A ‘Mesozoic Cow’
National Geographic: Dino With “Vacuum Mouth” Revealed
National Geographic: Bizarre Dinosaur Grazed Like a Cow, Study Says
eFluxMedia: CT Imaging Sheds Light on Saharan Nigersaurus taqueti
New Scientist: Odd-jawed dinosaur reveals bovine lifestyle
LiveScience: Toothy Dinosaur Mowed Earth Like Cow
University of Chicago News Office: Dinosaur from Sahara ate like a ‘Mesozoic cow’
Latest from the Ann Arbor News: Eureka! New dinosaur discovered
Africasia: Anatomically odd African dinosaur sucked up the greenery U-M researchers had role in Nigersaurus puzzle
Newswise: Dinosaur from Sahara Ate Like a ‘Mesozoic Cow’ (press release)
Raw Story: Anatomically odd African dinosaur sucked up the greenery
Scientific Frontline: Dinosaur From Sahara Ate Like A ‘Mesozoic Cow’


A Blog Around The Clock: Extreme Dinosaur: Nigersaurus, the Mesozoic Cow!
Laelaps: Nigersaurus taqueti!
Pharyngula: Nigersaurus, a Cretaceous hedge-trimmer
Pondering Pikaia: Nigersaurus: just when you thought you’d seen everything…
When Pigs Fly Returns: Lawnmowers of the Early Cretaceous
Microecos: Pod People
PLoS Blog: The Nigersaurus has landed
Panda’s Thumb: Nigersaurus, a Cretaceous hedge-trimmer
Clioaudio: The Open Access Dinosaur
Effect Measure: Lightweight dinosaur, heavyweight publishing event
The Beagle Project Blog: Open access science publishing lands a big one
The Tree of Life: Open Access dinosaurs and way to go Paul Sereno
Business|bytes|genes|molecules: Dinosaurs come with Creative Commons licenses too
Self-designed Student: Nigersaurus…and a question…
Science After School: Youth Involved in New Dinosaur Discovery
The Great Beyond (Nature): Dinosaur of the Day: a ‘Flintstones lawnmower’
Wired Science: This Week in Dinosaurs: A Mesozoic Vacuum Cleaner, An Accidental Find
Popular Science Blog: Dinosaur That Munched Like a Cow
Nonoscience: Nigersaurus, the Open Access Dinosaur
Transcription Factor: Thanks, Bora!
Be openly accessible or be obscure: Nigersaurus, the OA dino
Pixelshot: Dinosaur build
Pixelshot: Nigersaurus – raising the bones!
Braving the Elements: Strange New Dinosaur

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