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One Year of Integrative Paleontology!

It has been one year since our inaugural post, and time has indeed flown by. In honor of this milestone, each blogger highlighted a favorite post from the last 12 months.

The Jurassic moth Mesokristensenia sinica
The Jurassic moth Mesokristensenia sinica, modified from Zhang et al. 2013. CC-BY.

Blogger Favorites
Sarah Werning picked her post on “Why Paleontology is Relevant” as a personal favorite. Although paleontologists are great at talking about why we are important, Sarah posited that at least some of the oft-cited reasons (e.g., we’re great at teaching anatomy) don’t cut the mustard. Instead, we need paleontology to understand our world today and the changes that it is undergoing. A vigorous discussion resulted.

Andy Farke cheated a bit, and picked a series of posts on proposed United States Forest Service regulations for paleontology on Forest Service lands. The series stimulated lots of productive discussion, largely thanks to the good faith participation of many people from all backgrounds–government paleontologists, museum paleontologists, private citizens, and the like.

Shaena Montanari selected her post on “Paleoecology and Poop” as a highlight for the past year, in which she highlighted the surprising amount of recent research on prehistoric droppings. It’s a poop renaissance, if you will!

So, check out these posts–and don’t forget to check out some exciting new posts that are on the way from our bloggers in the next few weeks!

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