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Fossil Friday Roundup: April 29, 2016


  • A Basal Lithostrotian Titanosaur (Dinosauria: Sauropoda) with a Complete Skull: Implications for the Evolution and Paleobiology of Titanosauria (Lead image above). Open Access in PLOS ONE

  • New Miocene Fossils and the History of Penguins in Australia. Open Access in PLOS ONE.

  • The phylogenetic relationships of basal archosauromorphs, with an emphasis on the systematics of proterosuchian archosauriforms. Open Access in PeerJ.


  • Texas students charged in Utah with dinosaur fossil theft (link)
  • North American Mammoths may have been a single species, by Brian Switek for Smithsonian Magazine (link)
  • Study shows dinosaur families migrated out of Europe (link)
  • Statistical evidence that dinosaurs were in decline 50 million years prior to their extinction (link)
  • An ability to consume seeds might have helped birds survive the end-Cretaceous mass extinction (link)

Events and Society News:Cg45H39WkAAWc9P

  • If you find yourself in the Lyme Regis area of the UK, this weekend (April 29–May 1) is the Lyme Regis Fossil Fest! Find more information at

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