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Fossil Friday Roundup: May 6, 2016


  • Fossil clitellate annelid cocoons and their microbiological inclusions from the Eocene of Seymour Island, Antarctica. Open Access at Palaeontologia Electronica.
  • The oldest species of the relic extant genus Mesochria from Eocene Fushun amber of China (Diptera: Anisopodidae: Mycetobiinae (Lead Image above). Open Access at Palaeontolgia Electronica.
  • Neandertal versus modern human dietary responses to climatic fluctuations. Open Access at PLOS ONE.
  • Pleistocene Hominins as a Resource for Carnivores: A c. 500,000-Year-Old Human Femur Bearing Tooth-Marks in North Africa (Thomas Quarry I, Morocco). Open Access at PLOS ONE.
  • A New Basal Salamandroid (Amphibia, Urodela) from the Late Jurassic of Qinglong, Hebei Province, China. Open Access at PLOS ONE.
  • If Dung Beetles (Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) Arose in Association with Dinosaurs, Did They Also Suffer a Mass Co-Extinction at the K-Pg Boundary? Open Access at PLOS ONE.
  • Combined Use of Electron and Light Microscopy Techniques Reveals False Secondary Shell Units in Megaloolithidae Eggshells. Open Access at PLOS ONE.
  • Lions as Bone Accumulators? Paleontological and Ecological Implications of a Modern Bone Assemblage from Olduvai Gorge. Open Access at PLOS ONE.
  • Paleohistology of Susisuchus anatoceps (Crocodylomorpha, Neosuchia): Comments on Growth Strategies and Lifestyle. Open Access at PLOS ONE.


  • University of Cincinnati Student Spotlight: Making Geology Education More Inclusive
  • Researchers find that Earth may be home to 1 trillion species (link)
  • Six new fossil species form ‘snapshot’ of Asian primates stressed by ancient climate change (link)
  • Paleontology collection reopens at Indiana University (link)

Events and Society News:

  • The Early Bird Registration Deadline for the European Association of Vertebrate Paleontologists meeting (taking place July 6–10, 2016 in the Netherlands) has been extended to June 1, 2016! More details here:

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