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Fossil Friday Roundup: January 27, 2017

Featured Image: Artist’s reconstruction of two individuals of Siamogale melilutra sp. nov. Art by Mauricio Antón. For more information, see first paper.

Papers (All Open Access):

  • A new otter of giant size, Siamogale melilutra sp. nov. (Lutrinae: Mustelidae: Carnivora), from the latest Miocene Shuitangba site in north-eastern Yunnan, south-western China, and a total-evidence phylogeny of lutrines (Journal of Systematic Palaeontology)
  • Integrated Chronology, Flora and Faunas, and Paleoecology of the Alajuela Formation, Late Miocene of Panama (PLOS ONE)
  • Allometry of sexual size dimorphism in turtles: a comparison of mass and length data (PeerJ)
  • A New Ophthalmosaurid (Ichthyosauria) from Svalbard, Norway, and Evolution of the Ichthyopterygian Pelvic Girdle (PLOS ONE)
  • The first reported ceratopsid dinosaur from eastern North America (Owl Creek Formation, Late Cretaceous, Mississippi, USA) (PeerJ Preprints)
  • Humans rather than climate the primary cause of Pleistocene megafaunal extinction in Australia (Nature Communications)
  • Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene Evidence of Prostatic Stones at Al Khiday Cemetery, Central Sudan (PLOS ONE)
  • A new Early Jurassic (ca. 183 Ma) fossil Lagerstätte from Ya Ha Tinda, Alberta, Canada (Geology)
  • Virtual Palaeontology Issue 7: A pageant of Palaeozoic tetrapods (Palaeontology)
  • The Aggradational Successions of the Aniene River Valley in Rome: Age Constraints to Early Neanderthal Presence in Europe (PLOS ONE)


  • First-ever discovered trilobite eggs paired with fossil of the segmented creature (Link)
  • New species of prehistoric palm discovered in Canada (Link)
  • Watch How Fossils Get Cleaned and Prepared (Link)
  • The Great Dinosaur Hand-Off: Interview with Jordan Mallon (Link)
  • 80-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Collagen Confirmed (Link)
  • Climate change helped kill off super-sized Ice Age animals in Australia (Link)
  • Scientists map the genetic evolution of dinoflagellates for the first time (Link)
  • Prized fossil find — the oldest, most complete iguanian in the Americas — illuminates the lives of lizards in the Age of Dinosaurs (Link)
  • Ancient, scary and alien-looking specimen forms a rarity in the insect world – a new order (Link)
  • Warning of vandalism to mammoth graveyards in Arctic from unscrupulous bone hunters (Link)
  • Piecing together incredible Isle of Wight dinosaur discovery (Link)

Community Events and Society Updates:

  • DinoFest 2017: January 28-29, Salt Lake City, Utah (Link)

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  • What should we do now Beall’s List has gone? (SV-POW)

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