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Fossil Friday Roundup: January 26, 2018

Featured Image: Polarized cross-section of dinosaur bone from Australia. From Woodward et al. (2017), CC-BY.

Papers (All Open Access):

  • Eocene greenhouse climate revealed by coupled clumped isotope-Mg/Ca thermometry (PNAS)
  • Pleistocene glaciation of Fenland, England, and its implications for evolution of the region (RSOS)
  • Contrasting temperature trends across the ice-free part of Greenland (Scientific Reports)
  • A biofilm and organomineralisation model for the growth and limiting size of ooids (Scientific Reports)
  • Late Silurian palynomorphs from the Precordillera of San Juan, Argentina: Diversity, palaeoenvironmental, and palaeogeographic significance (APP)
  • Assessing the composition of fragmented agglutinated foraminiferal assemblages in ancient sediments: comparison of counting and area-based methods in Famennian samples (Late Devonian) (Journal of Micropalaeontology)
  • A new lineage of braconid wasps in Burmese Cenomanian amber (Hymenoptera, Braconidae) (Zookeys)
  • Pre–mass extinction decline of latest Permian ammonoids (Geology)
  • Reconstruction of the multielement apparatus of Neogondolella ex gr. regalis Mosher, 1970 (Conodonta) from the Anisian (Middle Triassic) in British Columbia, Canada (Journal of Micropalaeontology)
  • Widespread bone-based fluorescence in chameleons (Scientific Reports)
  • Trophic interactions between larger crocodylians and giant tortoises on Aldabra Atoll, Western Indian Ocean, during the Late Pleistocene (RSOS)
  • Non-marine palaeoenvironment associated to the earliest tetrapod tracks (Scientific Reports)
  • A re-evaluation of the enigmatic dinosauriform Caseosaurus crosbyensis from the Late Triassic of Texas, USA and its implications for early dinosaur evolution (APP)
  • The bone microstructure of polar “hypsilophodontid” dinosaurs from Victoria, Australia (Scientific Reports)
  • Miminipossum notioplanetes, a Miocene forest-dwelling phalangeridan (Marsupialia; Diprotodontia) from northern and central Australia (PalaeoE)
  • Are pumas subordinate carnivores, and does it matter? (PeerJ)
  • The evolution and anatomy of the horse manus with an emphasis on digit reduction (RSOS)
  • Computational biomes: The ecometrics of large mammal teeth (PalaeoE)
  • A new brontothere from the Eocene of South China (APP)
  • Isolation and culture of primary adult skin fibroblasts from the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) (PeerJ)
  • Morphology and structure of Homo erectus humeri from Zhoukoudian, Locality 1 (PeerJ)
  • 150,000-year palaeoclimate record from northern Ethiopia supports early, multiple dispersals of modern humans from Africa (Scientific Reports)
  • Speech, stone tool-making and the evolution of language (PLOS ONE)
  • Radiocarbon dating uncertainty and the reliability of the PEWMA method of time-series analysis for research on long-term human-environment interaction (PLOS ONE)
  • History and development of ABCDEFG: a data standard for geosciences (Fossil Record)
  • Recent Geoethical Issues in Moroccan and Peruvian Paleontology (Annals of Geophysics)
  • Melanins in Fossil Animals: Is It Possible to Infer Life History Traits from the Coloration of Extinct Species? (International Journal of Molecular Sciences)

Pre-Prints and Post-Prints:

  • Endocast of the Late Triassic (Carnian) dinosaur Saturnalia tupiniquim: implications for the evolution of brain tissue in Sauropodomorpha (PaleorXiv)
  • Braincase redescription of Efraasia minor Huene, 1908 (Dinosauria: Sauropodomorpha) from the Late Triassic of Germany, with comments on the evolution of the sauropodomorph braincase (PaleorXiv)
  • Postcranial skeletal anatomy of the holotype and referred specimens of Buitreraptor gonzalezorum Makovicky, Apesteguía and Agnolín 2005 (Theropoda, Dromaeosauridae), from the Late Cretaceous of Patagonia (PeerJ)

Community Events, Society Updates, and Resources:

  • Paleontological Society Officer Nominations! Deadline January 31, 2018 (Paleo Society)
  • Paleontological Society Arthur James Boucot Research Grants (Paleo Society)
  • Nominations For Paleontological Society Award Or PS fellow! Deadlines February 1 and 21, 2018 (Paleo Society)
  • Western Association of Vertebrate Paleontologists Annual Meeting, St. George, Utah, Feb. 16–18, 2018 (Link)
  • Nominations For A Student Representative To Council, deadline February 21, 2018 (Paleo Society)
  • Paleontological Society to Sponsor Summer Policy Intern at AGI, Application deadline March 1, 2018 (Paleo Society)
  • Burpee PaleoFest, March 3-4, 2018 (Link)
  • Lyell Meeting 2018: Mass extinctions – understanding the world’s worst crises (Link)
  • The AWG Undergraduate Excellence in Paleontology Award, deadline April 15, 2018 (PaleoSociety)
  • 2018 AIBS Congressional Visits Day In Washington, DC, April 17-18, 2018 (Paleontological Society)
  • Trekking Across the GOBE: From the Cambrian through the Katian, IGCP 653 Annual Meeting, June 3-7, 2018, Athens, Ohio, USA (Link)
  • North American Paleontological Convention June 23–27 2019 (Link)

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